About Big Noise Chorus

The Big Noise Chorus is a network of community choirs for adults (18+), created to make singing in a choir accessible to everyone.We sing a variety of styles of music from Pop and Rock through to World music.
There are no auditions so anyone can join - regardless of experience.

Through our unique and inclusive coaching methods we create a relaxed environment where even the most reluctant of singers will find that they have the ability to shine.



What about people who can't sing?

Many people have had negative experiences of singing and as a result feel that their voice is not good enough. After receiving negative feedback about their voice many people stop singing - often for years.
In the Western world we often talk about the mystical word 'talent', usually to describe someone else who we believe has it, and to indicate that we don't have it ourselves.
Big Noise Chorus aims to deconstruct this myth and replace it with an inclusive approach to making music which leaves no-one out in the cold, yet still expects high standards in developing the skills needed to sing safely and well.
We don't believe that there is any such thing as people who 'can't sing'. We believe that learning to sing is just like learning to ride a bike. It takes practice and time to develop the skills you need.



Each Big Noise Chorus performs concerts individually as well as combining forces with other choirs or music groups. Every so often we bring all our members together for large scale exciting  concerts.
All of our concerts support charities and as of 2024 we have jointly raised over £110,000 for various charities. We do ask that each charity we suport becomes actively involved in our these concerts where they can provide refreshments for donations, hold a raffle, provide a charity speaker and have a bucket collection.

The Big Noise Chorus Ltd has been designed specifically to cater for the growing need for Community and aims to discard the elitism that can often go with choirs to create genuine Community Spirit where every voice matters regardless of gender (including transgender), race, sexual orientation, disability or age.


Colin Rea is the founder of The Big Noise Chorus.

Colin began singing as a child and has always loved it.
He studied music at Dartington College of Arts, graduating in 1995. Since then he has been teaching singing and piano for various projects including local schools, private tuition, Stagecoach Theatre Arts. He taught singing in the Performing Arts department at Exeter College, and in 2017 taught singing technique at Arts Educational Schools in London to Undergraduate Musical Theatre degree students. He also teaches privately and can be contacted through his website, www.colinreamusic.co.uk .

His achievements include choir leading for the Torquay Joseph choir 2005 to 2011, preparing choirs for Ellen Kent Touring Opera Company, teaching singing in Spain, Egypt and Cyprus and co-conducting the Northcott Community Singers from 2007.
He performed with the Exeter Festival Chorus under the baton of Nigel Perrin since 2006 performing in local venues (Exeter Cathedral, Buckfast Abbey, Truro Cathedral) as well as abroad (Carnegie Hall - New York, Rennes and Nantes, France).

In his years as a vocal coach, Colin has developed his own unique teaching style which is friendly, relaxed and fun. He explains the workings of the voice and our mental attitudes to singing with humour and clarity, dispelling the myth that there are some people that “can” sing and others that “can’t”.

"It never ceases to amaze me how many people believe (or have been told) that they cannot sing - especially by teachers who really should know better. Singing is a vulnerable art which relies on trust and openness to perform well, and any teacher worth their salt knows and nurtures this with singers of all abilities."

He also regularly meets with a group of Speech and Language Therapists in the South West to ensure that his vocal practice is up to date with current medical practice and is seeking to involve voice therapists in the running of Big Noise to ensure the safest vocal techniques possible.
He also runs voice workshops and from Jan-March 2015 was involved in the world's first study into whether singing technique could be proven to aid the feminisation of the voice for transgender clients.
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